Ordering your Kit

We have made the process of ordering your kit as simple as possible and will be there along the way to make sure you are completely happy.

Initially, the artwork has to be produced, whether you have your own artwork or you need one of our design team to help produce something. We aim to make every kit bespoke and do not use templates so every order is given the same time and thought to make sure that you look great in kit that no one else has. This can be a quick or a long process, but we will make sure it’s 100% right before you sign off and we move forward.

The next step is to compile your order. You have access to our size charts and we do offer samples where possible to aid in sizing. Then all you have to do is send it to us!

Production times on average are 3-6 weeks, towards the end of the production we will be in touch with you concerning shipment and delivery times as soon as we have them. At this point we send you an invoice for 50% of the total value of the order, and this must be paid in advance of the product being shipped.

All kit goes through quality control before being dispatched to guarantee that the kit is right and your order is complete. When you receive your order, you will also receive the second invoice for the balance of the order value, this follows the usual 30 days payment policy.

All orders and artwork is kept on file and this makes follow-up order and repeat business very easy.

All that’s left is for you to wear and enjoy the kit and keep us informed on how you are getting on.

Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum Order Quantities

One of the most commonly asked questions when people are exploring the custom kit option for their club, team, business or charity is “What are your minimum order quantities?”

We are delighted to inform you that we have NO minimum orders for our custom kit. For orders of 1-5 pieces we do implement a surcharge as these smaller quantities are considered ‘sample’ volumes. They take the same amount of work and time during the artwork and production phases, but even with these surcharges you will still be amazed by the price!

Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements

We charge nothing for designing or helping you design your custom clothing. All we require from you is an idea, a colour palette, and whatever logos and images you desire on the garments in a high resolution vector format. If you are unsure about what a ‘vector’ image is then please ask our customer services team and will be happy to advise you.

If you are unable to supply a high resolution vector image we ca provide our services and re-draw your images that are then yours to keep. Should you require this service there is a fee charged.



Where possible we can send you samples of kit to enable you to see the quality, check the sizing etc. We generally allow samples to be kept for 7-10 days and we take credit card details as a deposit just in case the samples don’t return to us.

Also, having our ‘no minimum orders’ policy, we allow you to buy ‘samples’ of your custom kit to avoid any risk and make sure you are 100% happy with the products you are going to receive in volume.

This is not the most cost effective way of doing things, but if you are protective of your brand then why take the risk?

On top of all that we are also very lucky to have our own pattern makers in-house and can create garments completely from scratch which sets us apart from many other custom kit suppliers. So, if you want a garment that you maybe can’t see on our website, don’t be afraid to ask!



Like with our entire custom kit ordering process we have made delivery charges very simple.

For ALL orders with a total amount (£) of up to £2000.00 are charged a set delivery fee of £30.00.

For all orders with a total amount (£) above £2000.00 are charged at a set delivery fee of £50.00.

We have contracts in place with the many of the established courier companies to make sure your delivery is as quick and efficient as possible.



Where possible we can send you samples of kit to enable you to check the sizing and allow friends, colleagues, teammates to try the kit on for size. We generally allow samples to be kept for 7-10 days and we take credit card details as a deposit just in case the samples don’t return to us.

As you might imagine we don’t have an endless supply of samples and with clients around the World it is not always possible to send the samples you request, but we will always try.


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