We are a very proud, very British brand and where possible we source it, make it, pack it and ship it all from this Great country.

We have our own manufacturing facility in the East Midlands, one of the original homes of British manufacturing, as well as having offices in the beating heart of our great nation, London.

All of our products and product ranges are designed in the UK with feedback from the staff and athletes that work for us and the British athletes that we proudly work with to help test and develop our products across a vast array of sports in which they train and compete.

As we grow and develop the product ranges and the brand itself we are very excited to be adding to the growing volume of exported, British made goods to Europe and the rest of the World.

We are proud members of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign which allows us to proudly fly the campaign marque on our website, our products and everywhere else that we can to boast.

The history of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign

The idea for a logo to identify products made in Britain was conceived by Stoves, the Prescot-based cooker manufacturer. Independent research commissioned by Stoves showed the British public was confused about what products were made in the UK and in 2011 Stoves launched a competition to design a Made in Britain logo. The winning design was unveiled in July 2011 and companies making products in the UK were invited to apply to use the logo. By October 2012, 600 companies were using the logo.

In November 2012 a committee was formed to oversee the marque and assist with the ongoing promotion of the campaign. In June 2013 the committee commissioned award-winning design agency The Partners to re-design the logo and establish a membership scheme for users of the logo. The logo now on appears on thousands of products worldwide.

We will continue to hold strong to our values and our beliefs and wherever possible make our products 100% British!