We know you always have hundreds of questions that you want answers to ahead of ordering your custom kit. We are always happy to answer individual emails or answer questions on the telephone, but on this page we have posted some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive to try and speed up your decision making process and hopefully get you that little closer to your custom kit order with us.

1. Are there any artwork costs?

We charge nothing for designing; or helping you design; your custom clothing. However, if you are unable to supply high resolution logos to our design teams and we have to re-draw these logos, we do have to charge a fee for this service.

2. What are your minimum order quantities?

We have NO minimum orders for custom kit. However, for orders of 1-4 pieces we do implement a surcharge as these smaller quantities are considered ‘sample’ volumes and take the same amount of work during the artwork and production phases.

3. What are your delivery costs?

We have made delivery charges very simple. For ALL orders with a total amount (£) of £2000.00 are charged a set delivery fee of £30.00. For all orders with a total amount (£) above £2000.00 are charged at a set delivery fee of £50.00.

4. Is VAT added to the prices of the custom kit?

Yes, VAT does has to be added to all orders. This is charged at 20% and is added to each item on invoicing. We ask you take this into consideration when ordering and pricing your clothing.

However, there is no VAT added to children’s clothing so the prices in the catalogue are what you pay.

5. What are your production times?

We are always working hard to reduce the time you wait for your kit to be produced and delivered. Currently we quote 3-5 weeks for most custom kit orders. For smaller ‘sample’ orders we do quote a slightly longer 4-7 week production time as we have to prioritise the larger orders. Saying all of that, we always strive to get your kit to you as quickly as possible.

6. What are your Custom kit refund policies?

Once an order is placed by the customer and production has been started their is no refunds allowed. As you are probably aware, custom kit is bespoke to the client and is useless to anyone other than ‘you’ the intended client.

However, unlike many of our competitors, in certain scenarios we will allow a client to return the kit and receive a 50% discount on the order. In this scenario we also reserve the right to sell the kit via our ebay store or give the kit away to a charity of our choice.


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