Along with triathlon, the cycling range was the first collection that made up the QSW custom kit offering. The cycling kit range is also the biggest range of custom kit on offer with summer and winter ranges along with a wide range of available accessories.

The cycling kit uses a vast range of different fabrics and manufacturing techniques and we are constantly developing the garments within the ranges to offer our customers the best kit for the best price.

The cycling range is also the only range that offers ‘PRO’ and ‘CLUB’ level products across certain garments. This allows customers to opt for a more professional, form-fitting product with more intricate paneling and advanced fabrics or a more relaxed fitting, basic jersey so you can decide on what best fits your wants, needs, budget or ability.

Our most popular garments currently are our club S/S jersey, bib shorts and L/S Roubaix jerseys. Within the corporate and charity sectors you will see vast amounts of the QSW cycling kit because of our relationships with some of the UK’s biggest cycling events.


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