The business was started in 2011 by ex-cyclist John Brame and his partner Marsha.

The business was started through their shared passion for sport and fashion. John has always been what he describes as a ‘kit junkie’ and with a life long love of art and design dating back to his school days the opportunity to start designing the kit that he could then wear was a match made in heaven. On top of his love for design was his past as an athlete.

The opportunity to design great looking clothes but with a complete understanding of the functional requirements required for a garment to really perform to the the highest level gave the QSW products a massive advantage against other companies from the very start. Marsha loves clothes and fashion. So, when she started triathlon in 2007 it mattered to her what she was wearing, what she looked like and how the kit would perform for her in competition. Marsha’s input into the design side of the business is invaluable especially with the female specific ranges. Both John and Marsha still compete at a good level with Marsha representing the Great British age-group team in both World and European Championships.

Which each of them bringing a skill set to the table the first range of clothing was launched in 2011 at the London Triathlon almost exactly one year before the iconic 2012 London Olympic Games where the QSW brand was seen by the World being worm by some of the World’s best athletes in the Polish Cycling Team.

The business also added a custom kit arm to the retail arm in 2012 allowing clubs, teams, charities and businesses the chance to have their own designs and colours on the QSW kit. This proved an enormous success with QSW now providing custom kit to some of the World’s biggest clubs, charities and corporates from across the globe.

Originally QSW sourced all of their products from International factories. In 2014 they moved a large proportion of their manufacturing back to the UK to meet the demands of the business growth and offer much faster production times and control for the custom side of the business. QSW currently operates out of 6 hand picked factories producing kit and clothing for the QSW and managing this is a perfect of example of the infrastructure and professionalism that QSW offer to their clients. At QSW they hand pick the staff for their experience as professional athletes, in sports retail, in product buying and art and design. All of these attributes have been combined to guarantee that our clients get the best in quality of service and product.

Areas that QSW currently make product for include: Cycling, Triathlon, Swimming, Duathlon, Running, MMA, Boxing, KickBoxing, Health & Fitness, Casual Wear.